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Hand Drawings of Guangzhou City of University of Technology, Gifts for Your 17th Birthday!

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Spring is coming, flowers make GCUT full of vigor and vitality.

When chinese redbud is hanging on the trees,

and a few faint gleams of sunshine is shining through the campus.

Hand-drawn works of

ingenious teachers and students of GCUT

are tributed as the best gifts!

Campus Life

Every tree, building and scene

record our youth stories and inspire us to dream the future!

Campus Buildings

With the struggle of students’ footprints,

the buildings on our campus stand still.

As long as the heart is the distance,

the twinkling stars will shin in our eye.

Quiet Places

Your unique temperament roots in inner self-confidence,

implies in the Culture Corridor of Xingxin Lake,

And overflows on the road of GCUT.    

There is no end to learning

In GCUT, teachers instruct others without reservation,

and students study with great concentration.

Peaches and plums are fragrant,

how brilliant are its flowers.

Xingxin Lake

Petals fluttered to the head by wind,

and sunrise and sunset decorate different seasons,

all these views inferior to the pictures reflected in the lake.

Flying Dreams


No matter how far the future is,

we will strive forward,

the sea of stars are on our journey.