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GCU attends AWS Academy Member Meeting in Singapore

On September 23rd to September 26th, AWS Academy Member Meeting 2019 (Greater China and Southeast Asia) was held in Singapore. As university representatives of China mainland, our university and Fudan University attached this seminar, jointly discussed the contents of cloud computing teaching and cloud innovation, together with university representatives from China Taiwan area, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, etc.
Mr. Scott Mckinley, head of AWS Academy Global, made a welcome speech firstly on behalf of Amazon AWS. In speech, he summarized the progress of AWS Academy's work over the past year. In the past year, with the rapid growth of the number of member colleges and universities, on the basis of the existing two courses: cloud computing introduce and architecture, AWS Academy has launched another two courses: cloud computing development and operation & maintenance globally in 2019, and plans to launch two more courses: cloud data analysis and cloud based machine learning in 2020. Meanwhile, more and more students are using AWS cloud-based platforms such as Alexia, DeepLens and DeepRacer , to carry out big data and ai-related research and development. Business students also gradually use Sagemaker and other tools to conduct business data analysis, and the innovation atmosphere in the cloud becomes more and more strong.
GCU attends AWS Academy Member Meeting in Singapore
The theme of this meeting is to reduce the gap and build link between industry and academia. Professor Kyong Jin Shin from Singapore University of Management, made a report about how to introduce cloud computing into business major teaching and enable students to innovate. Dr Shin Jen Teo, from the Singapore institute of technology, shared the school's efforts to develop cloud computing talents for companies. The representative of industry, Mr. Varoon D. Rajani AWS, CEO of Blazecian Company, combined their business field, introduced the IT industry’s development status and the strong needs of cloud computing talents. Representatives from AWS partner, China Taiwan's eCloudValley, shared their experience in helping universities complete the last link of talents training.
In the following time, representatives from various universities communicated with AWS about their interested issues and put forward many suggestions on the future development of AWS Academy. The meeting was successfully concluded in a warm and efficient atmosphere.
It is reported that, since 2018 our school joined AWS Academy, nearly 500 students have learned AWS Cloud Computing related courses, ranking in the forefront of China domestic universities, and winning high praise from AWS Academy. Currently, we have 4 teachers in cloud computing teaching team, and have completed the butting work of newly released courses in 2019. It will take the lead in offering cloud computing development and operation & maintenance courses in Chinese universities in the spring semester of 2020