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Students of Guangzhou City University of Technology set a new record in 2021 Mathematical Contest In Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling

Time:2021-04-27 Page views:165

On April 24th, result of 2021 Mathematical Contest In Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling (MCM/ICM) was published. Students in Guangzhou City University of Technology (GCUT) achieved excellent results, including 3 Meritorious Winner, 4 Honorable Mention and 21 Successful Participant, the number of each level reward increased greatly compared with previous years, reflecting expertise and practical techniques of students of GCUT.


During the competition, school of computer engineering and student affairs office carefully planned together, and mathematical modeling team gave full cooperation to relevant departments, to organize online training and experience sharing by teachers and former award-winning students. After the selection, students who have passed the final selection actively participated in group discussions, finished the whole process including selection, analysis, modeling, solution, demonstration, and English writing. They all fulfilled the task and achieved excellent results.



In recent years, GCUT has consecutive achieved excellent results in MCM/ICM, which benefit from the goal of applied talents cultivation by GCUT. GCUT attached particular importance to the role in scientific and technological innovation activities in talents cultivation and achieved excellent results. Every discipline competition team actively explores, practices, and innovates, to further advance the idea of promoting learning by competitions, and promoting usage by learning.


According to report, Mathematical Contest In Modeling/Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling is the most international  authoritative competition in the world and the most influential mathematical modeling competition in China. More than 26000 teams participated in the competition. MCM/ICM need 3 undergraduates to form a group, every group need to finished the task of modeling, solving, verifying and English writing in 4 days, in order to study the ability to research and solve problems and the cooperative spirit of groups.