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Guangzhou City University of Technology was Officially Unveiled!

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On March 11, the opening ceremony of Guangzhou City University of Technology (hereinafter called GCUT) was held at the school gate. Zhang Xichun, secretary of the Party committee of South China University of Technology, Huang Zhenyu, president of Guangzhou Zhujiang Yunfeng Investment Holding CO., LTD, Du Xiaoming, secretary of the Party committee of Guangzhou City University of Technology and Wu Bo, president of Guangzhou City University of Technology attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Du Xiaoming.


Wu Bo expressed that GCUT will never change our original aspiration and mission of cultivating talents for the Party and the State, our responsibility obligation of serving our teachers and students better, and the close ties with South China University of Technology.

He stressed that GCUT will work harder, chart the course for future development actively with high quality, high level and typical features, and make our new contribution to economic and social development of Guangdong province and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in aspects of talent cultivation, application research and public service.


Approved for establishing on April 4, 2005 by Ministry of Education and established on April 12, 2006, Guangzhou City University of Technology grew out of Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology.

University with Social Responsibility

For 16 years, GCUT has always insisted on reform of education and teaching, optimization and innovation of school running, school managing, and talent cultivating, which has formed distinctive features of “developing regional industries, catering to market demand, cooperating with enterprises, and adhering to the public welfare”, opening up a new path of basing on top-class educational resources to achieve supernormal development of higher education.

Depending on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, GCUT has provided more than 42000 all types of talents for society. Our graduates are spread over the country, Hong Kong district and Macao district. Employment rate and employment quality rank high among similar universities. Graduates with strong practical ability and pragmatic spirit are favored by enterprises and employing units.

Application-oriented university with multi-disciplinarity

Giving priority to engineering, GCUT is an application-oriented university with the coordinated development of multi-disciplinarity, including economics, management, literature, science, and art. GCUT is the innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration university of Guangdong province, the intellectual property rights pilot university of Guangzhou and the first university with International Accreditation Council for Business Education in China.

At the beginning of running the university, GCUT clearly proposed to build an application-oriented university followed the idea of “Distinctive Feature and Top quality”. Around this positioning, GCUT keeps pace closely with the trends of times, focuses on the development substance in higher education, aims at developing regional industrial and constructing new liberal and new engineering, actively promotes the docking of the discipline chain, the profession chain and the industrial chain, and adjusts and optimizes the overall arrangement of disciplines and majors. Now, GCUT has 16 secondary colleges and 43 majors, including 16 first-class subjects and 24 secondary subjects. Thereinto, power system and automation, mechanical manufacture and automation are the key discipline construction of Guangdong province. Mechanical engineering and accounting are listed as first-class undergraduate discipline construction point of Guangdong province.

University to cultivate technology-applying talents with high quality

GCUT always endeavor to deliver a sense of satisfaction of education for people and regards quality of talent training as the foundation on which we build our university, to practice “moral quality, solid foundation, strong ability, professional expertise” as the principle of talents training, focusing on cultivating skilled personnel with high quality.

GCUT also actively explores the new mode and approach of cooperative education with industries and enterprises. Now, we have 5 cooperative education platform, including Cooperative Education Platform for Practice and Innovation, Cooperative Education Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Cooperative Education Platform for Information and Communication Technology, Cooperative Education Alliance for School of Computer Engineering and IT Companies and Cooperative Education Platform for Universities with Jewelry School with Enterprises in Producing, Teaching and Researching. We also have 3 collaborative innovation center, including Collaborative Innovation and Development Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Collaborative Innovation and Development Center for Intelligent Technology and Collaborative Innovation and Development Center for Internet of Vehicles, in which Cooperative Education Platform for Information and Communication Technology is one of the 40 provincial collaborative education platforms firstly certified by Department of education of Guangdong province. GCUT jointly built School of Big Data and Application Innovation Center of Big Data with National Center for Schooling Development Programme and Sugon, to jointly cultivate talents in the industry of big data, implementing the goal of cultivating talents by university, enterprise, and government. In 2019, School of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry was awarded with the demonstration industrial university of Guangdong province.

University with broader international vision

Centering on the Belt and Road Initiative and the need of internationalized talents of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, GCUT regards education internationalization as an important development strategy. GCUT establishes cooperative relationship with more than 10 developed countries including Britain, Canada, French and  Taiwan district and signs cooperation agreement with more than 60 top universities, to carry out diversified exchanges and cooperation.

Meanwhile, GCUT actively promotes international certification work of majors, we have got the certification of International Accreditation Council for Business Education and Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan. Up to now, 11 majors including international economics and trade, business administration, accounting, marketing, financial management, human resource management, electronic commerce,      international economics and trade(international class), international economics and trade(bilingual class), accounting(international class) and accounting(bilingual class) have been certified by IACBE, marking the quality of education in business studies has achieved international level.  Mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering and communications engineering also have been certified by IEET, complying with international standards of engineering education.

University with high-qualified teachers

GCUT insists on the strategy of “Strengthening the University through Talents Cultivation” and improves our teaching staff by  cultivating young generation and organizing scholastic teams, now, we have formed a high-qualified teaching staff combined by our own teachers, teachers chosen from South China University of Technology and some part-time teachers from other fields.

Basing on science and technology innovation and the construction of industrialization platform, GCUT attaches great importance to applied research and achievement transformation, founds Engineering Institute and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Institute, sets up a platform for scientific research and innovation as well as a platform for achievement transformation and industrial technology service, and obtains a large number of high-quality scientific research achievements. In recent 5 years, GCUT was approved 235 scientific research projects, and the total research funds amounted to 51.28 million yuan. 1377 papers were published, including 392 journals of statistic source and above, 103 papers of SCI、EI、ISTP. 1375 patents were applied and 1057 patents were granted. The number of patent applications and grants ranks first among private universities in Guangdong province.

University with superior running conditions

Located in Huadu District of Guangzhou in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area , GCUT covers an area of 1753 acres with excellent location and convenient transportation. Surrounded by mountain and water, shaded by evergreen trees and covered with varieties of flowers, GCUT have infrastructures of high quality, including track and field, swimming pool, stadium, tennis court, student activity center, air conditioner in living area and teaching area, and full coverage of WIFI etc. All these teaching conditions and facilities provide all-around guarantee for teachers and students.

Meanwhile, we have 14 experimental centers including 5 basic experimental centers, 9 professional experimental centers. 268 laboratories and 543 practice bases were built. We also have 1 national college students off-campus practice teaching base, 2 national maker spaces, 7 provincial experiment teaching demonstration center, 7 college students off-campus practice teaching base, 1 cooperative education platform, 2 provincial first-class majors, 11 quality engineering characteristic specialty, 3 provincial quantity engineering applied talents training demonstration major, 3 provincial Comprehensive reform pilot project of quantity engineering, which provides a strong support for cultivating high-quality applied talents.

New name, new beginning, new journey. Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, GCUT will fully implement party’s education policy, adhere to the socialist direction, carry out the fundamental task of  “strengthen moral education and cultivate people”, highlight the orientation in running school with public benefit, and serves the economic development and social development for Guangdong province, forging ahead courageously to build application-oriented university known by Guangdong province and China.